Uninstall Linkury

Linkury provides a smart content discovery and sharing solution. Yet, it is easy to uninstall. Here you can find out how to remove the Linkury Smartbar

Linkury has been providing the technology behind its powerful platform and integrated tools allowing users to create launch and promote their own products since the company's inception in 2009. Everything is provided in the Linkury infrastructure, with the all the latest whistles and bells incorporated into its service framework and power-packed SDK. The tools supplied by Linkury allow content providers as well as private users to search engines and use the results in the easiest fashion. By using the tools, the user can save time through advanced searches that are more focused and can share the information with a simple click of the mouse. Linkury lets the user be in control of the product with full customization options, real-time updates and advanced analytics.


Linkury - Advanced Content Sharing and Discovery Solutions

The Opportunity for Greater Monetization

Linkury provides publishers and online businesses with new revenue sources. By taking advantage of Linkury's advanced selection of monetization channels together with increased user engagement and tools, the publisher realizes an increased level of monetization. They are able to increase their profits through new opportunities for advertising, higher traffic flow and content discovery. Through the unique Linkury platform, the publisher benefits by gaining access to literally tens of millions of users around the world, with greater ability to achieve higher profits and increased revenue as the product is viewed and used throughout the world.

Personalizing the Linkury Smartbar

The Linkury Smartbar, which is associated with the next generation of toolbars, was developed as a user-friendly tool due to the added features that make it simple to locate information and to share that data. Publishers enjoy the Linkury Smartbar as it can be branded and helps them increase traffic flow, which relates to more income. In addition, it can be used across multiple platforms and provides an enhanced user experience. The Linkury Smartbar can be embedded into websites by copying a script and through personalized branding, it gains the look and feel of the publisher.

How to Remove the Linkury Smartbar

As simple as it is to integrate and use the Linkury Smartbar, it is equally simple to completely uninstall it without limitation.


To perform a standard uninstall using the Windows XP operating system on your computer:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. In the Currently Installed Programs box:
  5. Click Linkury Smartbar
  6. Click Change or Change/Remove.

To uninstall the Linkury Smartbar using Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit):

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Programs and Features.
  4. In the Currently Installed Programs box:
  5. Click Linkury Smartbar
  6. Click Change/Remove.

If for some reason the above procedure does not properly uninstall the Linkury Smartbar, go to the Linkury Smartbar download page and perform a “reinstall”. Then restart your computer and perform the “uninstall” procedure.


To remove the customized web search of the Linkury Smartbar:

  1. Click the arrow to open Internet Explorer's Search Menu.
  2. Choose Change Search Defaults.
  3. Select Linkury Smartbar Search Web Search.
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. Click Ok.

If you experience any other uninstalling problems, contact the Linkury Support Center.